NFC RFID Module V3 Kit Near Field Communication to Smart Phone Android | For Arduino


  • NXP PN532 NFC RFID Module V3 Kit
  • Support I2C,SPI and HSU (High Speed UART)
  • Support RFID reading and writing
  • SupportP2P communication with peers
  • Work in NFC Mode or RFID reader/writer Mode
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Near Field Communication (NFC) is a popular technology in recent years, it’s a set of standards for smart phones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. This module is built around NXP PN532. NXP PN532 is very popular in NFC area.
1. Read/write RFID card, this module could read and write RFID card. Various cards could be supported.
2. P2P communication, Two peer PN532 modules could communicate with each other wirelessly.
3. NFC with Andriod Phone/Smart phones:
The basic communication stamp with Andriod Phone (NFC supported) is finished. Currently we could put an URL to Android phone and let it visit a webpage.
4. The PN532 is actually a bundle of 4 libraries: PN532, PN532_HSU, PN532_I2C and PN532_SPI. You only need 2, the main PN532.h and either the I2C or SPI depending on how you connect it. The HSU is for high speed communication, which you probably won’t need. The NDEF library comes with several great example sketches that should get you going right away.
Before getting it start, you need to install a few libraries like Don’s NDEF library, PN532 library(Seeed-Studio’s version recommanded), both of them you can find on GitHub or at below links:
Arduino Library for NFC Shield based on NXP PN532 chip:
Arduino library for SPI and I2C access to the PN532 RFID:
Driver for PN532 NFC chip:
Packing included:
1 * PN532 NFC RFID Module
1 * NXP PN532 NFC RFID Module V3 Kit


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