HC-05 wireless Bluetooth Module Arduino


Part Number YS9286
UPC 714602550886
Brand Name Ecloud ShopUS
EAN 0714602550886
Model Number YS9286
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Module parameters:
1.PCB Dimensions: 37.3mm (length) * 15.5mm (W)
2. Weight: 3.5g
3. Input voltage: 3.6V – 6V, prohibit more than 7V
4. The power supply anti-reverse, reverse module does not work
5. lead six feet: EN / VCC / GND / RXD / TXD / STATE (Bluetooth status leads to the foot, unconnected output low, output high after the connection)
6. With the connection status indicator, LED flash means no Bluetooth connectivity; LED slow flash that enter the AT command mode
7. On-board 3.3V regulator chip, the input voltage DC 3.6V-6V; when unpaired, current of about 30mA (because LED lights flashing, the current state of change); after successful pairing current of about 10mA
8. The interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected to various microcontroller (Arduino / 51 / AVR / PIC / ARM / MSP430 etc.), 5V microcontroller can also be directly connected. Directly connected to the microcontroller serial port, not through MAX232 chip!
9. open area effective transmission distance of 10 meters, over 10 meters are possible, but do not connect quality assurance
10. After the pairing is successful, it can be used as a full-duplex serial interfaces. Without having to know any Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity communication format. This is the most commonly used communication format does not support other format!
11. Press the button to give the Bluetooth module is powered up can enter AT mode, setting parameters and query information
12. You can switch the master and slave mode via AT command
13. The module default baud rate is 9600, the default pairing password is 1234, the default name for the HC-05
14. protection with transparent shrink tube
Connection methods:
VCC: positive power supply
GND: power supply is negative
RXD: receiver, the Bluetooth module receives from other devices to the data; normally connected to other devices TXD transmission side
TXD: Send side, a Bluetooth mod


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