Breadboard Solderless Prototype PCB Board – ALLUS BB-009 (3pcs)


  • ✔️Solderless breadboard is convenient for the prototypes and circuit design experiment and other DIY projects. Perfect for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other programming boards
  • ✔️Easy to use: the breadboard is made of ABS plastic, each row and columns has corresponding letters and numbers, reduce the mistake handling
  • ✔️Self-adhesive back tape makes it easy to stick on a platform, like the Arduino prototype shield
  • ✔️With tight plug-in contacts, the components will sit well after assembly and nothing will wobble.
  • ✔The jumper wires are easy to insert into the breadboard.


Product description

Color:400 Breadboards Set

3×400 breadboards   400 Pin Breadboard: Size: 84 x 54 x 8 mm (3.3 x 2.13 x 0.32 inch) Material: ABS Color: white Package:  3x Breadboard 400


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